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1. Mixed Olives (VG) (V) (GF) - £5.45

Selection of mediterranean olives dressed with herbs & olive oil

2. Houmous (VG) (V) (GF) - £5.95

Pureed chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice and garlic

3. Cacik | Tzatziki (GF) - £5.95

Cucumbers, mint and a hint of garlic in stained yoghurt, olive oil

4. Saksuka| Sauced Aubergine (GF) - £5.95

Deep fried cubed aubergines cooked in our special tomato sauce with onion, pepper & garlic

5. Babagannus | Smoked Aubergine (VG) (GF) - £5.95

Grilled aubergine, garlic yoghurt, tahini, olive oil and mixed herbs

6. Pembe Sultan| Beetroot Salad (VG) (GF) - £5.95

Oven roasted beetroot, natural strained garlic yoghurt & olive oil

7. Tabule (VG) (V) - £5.95

Parsley, onion, mixed peppers, couscous, fresh mint, tomato, pomegranate

8. Mediterra Special (VG) (GF)- £5.95

Vine leaves, sun dried tomatoes, red pepper, walnuts, raisins

9. Smoked Salmon (GF) - £7.50

Capari, seasonal greens. red onion, avocado, tartar sauce, homemade veggie caviar

10. Prawn Cocktail (GF) - £7.50

Prawns in our house special sauce

11. Feta Cheese Plate (VG) (GF) - £6.50

Traditional Turkish cheese served with Chef's special garnish

12. Mixed Cold Platter (VG) (GF) - £18.50

Cacik, humus, saksuka, babaganus, Mediterra special & pembe sultan

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